September 20, 2004

National day to combat violence against women

The Croatian government has proposed to its Parliament that September 22nd should be the National Day to combat violence against Women. (20-SEP-04)

September 10, 2004

Open Society Institute interested in HRH project

On Wednesday, 8th of September 2004, Open Society Institute in the Republic of Croatia organized a meeting with NGO representatives invovled in the emergence of Human Rights House in Zagreb. Topic of the discussion was the Roma project and the possibilities of co-operation between the partners and the Open Society Institute. (10-SEP-2004)

July 13, 2004

New tax legislation hits Croatian NGO’s hard

NGO´s in the Republic of Croatia must now pay value added tax (VAT) on all foreign donations they receive. This recent government decision undermines the very exixtence of NGO´s in the Republic of Croatia.  (-13-JULY-04)