February 23, 2007

Constitutional Court: Separate classes for Roma not racially motivated

By the opinion of the Consitutional Court reached yesterday, the decision to form separate classes with diminished programme of education for Roma children in Medjimurska County was justified since their knowledge of Croatian is poor. 

February 8, 2007

War crime trials need improvements

Great number of in absentia trials, as well as re-trials, indictments lacking in clarity, unstandardized practice of holding in custody and inadequate support to witnesses and victims, remain to be the most important shortcomings of war crime trials conducted before Croatian courts, stands in the Monitoring Report of the War Crime Trials for 2006, presented today by the Centre for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights, Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Documenta and Civic Committee for Human Rights. (01-FEB-07)

November 30, 2006

Network meeting in Zagreb

The Human Rights House Network has now held its annual meeting in Zagreb. The meeting was dedicated to our common vision, strategies and programs as a product of of the evaluation process that the Network has finalized this autumn. The representatives from the Balkans, Caucasus, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the United Kingdom where gathered in order to re-defining our regional programs in accordance with the Network´s general vision and strategies.(29-NOV-06)    

November 2, 2006

Human Rights House Network in Zagreb

The three Croatian Human Rights organisations; B.a.b.e. – Group for Women´s Human Rights, the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights and the Croatian Law Centre will on this Thursday and Friday host representatives from the Human Rights House Network in Zagreb. The International Conference on “Discrimination and anti-discrimination policies” have participation the Balkans, Caucasus, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Network will also hold it annual meeting. (21-NOV-06)

June 5, 2006

Maria Dahle visiting HRH Zagreb

After almost two years Maria Dahle, the Executive Director of the Human Rights House  Foundation visited Zagreb to follow-up the establishment of a Human Rights House in Zagreb. Five years of continuos efforts to set up the House finally yield fruits as the emergence of HRH Zagreb reached it´s final stages. (21-JUN-06)

April 7, 2006

Draft Data Secrecy Law undermines public right to know

More than 30 NGO´s, gathered within the coalition “Public has a right to know” made an official appeal today to the Croatian Parliament requesting the modification of the new Draft Data Secrecy Law, finding it to be in sharp contrast to the Freedom of Information Act. (07-APR-06)

March 14, 2006

B.a.B.e.: Media in Croatia discriminate women

The overall position of women in Croatian society, in spite of Government efforts and  accepted international standards in domestic legislation, remains to be one of the greatest obstacles for combating discrimination in the Republic of Croatia. Consequently, the media in particular show low level of gender sensitivity, often portraying women in a sexist manner and relying largely on soft pornography as an advertising strategy. (14-MAR-06)

December 12, 2005

CHC: human rights in Croatia seriously violated again

Marking the December 10 as an International Day of Human Rights the CHC warned public about the increase of human rights violations in Republic of Croatia. For the first time since 1996 the human right situation in the Republic of Croatia deteriorated seriously, said Zarko Puhovski, Chairman of the CHC. (12-DEC-05)

November 25, 2005

Action «Without shame» marked the International Day against Violence over Women

By carrying out a street action entitled «Without Shame» the women activists celebrated International Day against Violence over Women on Friday and the first day of the campaign «16 days of activism against violence over women» which will last until December 10, the International Human Rights Day. (25-NOV-05)