March 1, 2005

Concert for victims of human rights violations

The Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights organized on February 27 at the Aquarius Club a humanitarian concert for victims of human rights violations.  A number of very popular bands and DJs from all over Republic of Croatia performed onstage and entire contribution of well-attended concert was dedicated to providing direct help to the human rights victims. (1-MAR-05)

February 11, 2005

Journalists wiretapped again

The special working group of the Parliamentary Committee for Internal Affairs and National Security is opening an investigation today of Croatian Counter Intelligence service (CIS). The principal cause for the investigation is the recent public address of five journalists who were the subject of secret treatment of the CIS during 2003 and 2004, under the allegation that they have deliberately published wrong information about Hague fugitive general Gotovina in order to obstruct Republic of Croatia to enter the European Union. (11-FEB-05)

February 2, 2005

No Gotovina, no negotiations

If the Croatian authorities fail to turn in general Gotovina until the beginning of March 17 to the Hague Tribunal, the European Commission will postpone the negotiations for joining the EU – warned Oli Rehn, commissioner to the European Commission for Enlargement.  (2-FEB-05)

January 17, 2005

Democratic elections still with irregularities

Except of some previous irregularities occuring again, second round of the presidential elections, held on January 16th, was conducted in a democratic atmosphere according to the electional law. Although GONG?s preliminary overall assesment of the second round of the elections is positive, irregularities with the voters lists and serious violations of electional silence were registered again. (JAN-17-05)

January 3, 2005

Fair and democratic elections with low vote turn out

On the elections held on January 2nd 2005 4 403 871 croatian citizens with the rigth to vote chosed new Croatian president. Appart from few exceptions, the elections were conducted according to the electional law and international standards. Appropriate organization of the elections by the State Election Commission and Polling Station Commissions also contributed to the overall calm atmosphere. (03-JAN-05)

December 13, 2004

Croatia: Impunity for war crimes and crimes against humanity must end

Almost ten years after the end of the 1991-1995 armed conflict in the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian authorities have failed to address fully war-related human rights violations and to bring those responsible to justice. There continues to be widespread impunity for crimes committed in that period by members of the Croatian Army and police forces against Croatian Serbs, Amnesty International said today in a new report. (13-DEC-04)

December 13, 2004

CHC awarded individuals for promotion of human rights

Marking 10th December as the international Day of Human Rights, Croatian Helsinki Committee handed over it’s annual awards for special credit and contribution in promoting human rights in the Republic of Croatia. (13-DEC-04)

December 3, 2004

Presidential election in the grip of scandals?

After numerous publis disscusions, Croatian Government definitely set January 2nd 2005 as a date for next presidential election. Judging by the quantity of affairs that shake Republic of Croatia at the moment, campaign already started and it seems it is going to be most controversial so far. (3-DEC-04)

November 30, 2004

Less rights for persons with dissabilities?

The Croatian Government has refused to accept Declaration on Rights of Persons with Dissabilities. Arguing this decision Government finds it unneccesary to accept the document that has no executive force and contains the same rights Republic of Croatia allready guaranteed by signing international conventions related to this problem. (30-NOV-04)