Rafto Foundation

The Rafto Foundation awards the annual Professor Thorolf Rafto’s Prize for Human Rights work. In 1999, the Rafto House in Bergen became the second Norwegian Human Rights House.


Raising recognition for human rights defenders, Rafto awards the annual Professor Thorolf Rafto’s prize for human rights work. This helps to bring the work of human rights defenders to an international audience, and to promote human rights globally. Rafto continues to support the work of laureates through funding and organisation of projects, and carries out other work such as human rights education, with 6,830 people participating in 2018.

Locally, the Bergen city council sent an important signal when, at the request of the Rafto Foundation, they unanimously passed a resolution that Bergen was to become Norway’s first human rights city. Internationally and with Rafto’s support, the 2017 prize recipients from Kashmir succeeded in presenting information in Geneva that contributed to the first report on the human rights situation in Kashmir by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The report pointed out many of the circumstances that Parveena Ahangar and Parvez Imroz have worked to uncover and put a spotlight on in the world.

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