Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights

In 1994, the Warsaw-based Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights became one of the founding members of the network of Human Rights Houses.


A long-time actor in human rights protection, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR) works to develop a culture based on respect for human rights in Poland and abroad.

It is one of the oldest non-governmental organisations acting in the field of human rights protection in Poland. HFHR’s main areas of activity are: international and national education; strategic litigation; providing legal advice; monitoring the human rights dimension of actions taken by public authorities; and organising WATCH DOCS human rights in film, one of the world’s largest human rights film festivals.

Since 2015, Poland has faced an ongoing constitutional crisis which affects the work and position of the judiciary. The numerous legal changes concerning the work of the courts as well as prosecution have been accompanied by smear campaigns and attacks against judges and certain prosecutors. HFHR together with other NGOs played a vital role in building a counter narrative.

In 2018, human rights in Poland received visible support from international institutions, such as the European Court of Justice’s ruling that Poland’s government should reinstate a number of Supreme Court judges whom it had forced into early retirement.

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