We protect your data

HRHF statement on online privacy and data protection

HRHF is committed to protecting your data and privacy. This statement explains how we do so, in connection with your use of our websites and our newsletter, and in your contact with us.


HRHF is responsible for the collection and use of anonymised data gathered in connection with the operation and maintenance of humanrightshouse.org.

By accessing the content on the website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this statement.

Google Analytics

HRHF collects data on how visitors use the website using Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect this data, which is anonymised, and includes general statistics such as browser, time, language, from which channel users navigated to the website, and the pages they visited.

We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the website. Humanrightshouse.org does not display adverts or content customised to the user, and does not collect data for the purposes of adverts or customised messaging.

The data received is subject to Google’s privacy policy.

Embedding content from YouTube

HRHF embeds videos from YouTube into webpages using YouTube’s “privacy-enhanced mode”. This prevents YouTube from using cookies to gather your information on our pages containing videos, unless you interact with those videos. When you interact with embedded videos, YouTube gathers data according to its privacy policy. HRHF has implemented this policy for new embedded videos since 1 May 2019.


HRHF operates an email newsletter. Inclusion in the mailing list is based on the subscriber’s consent, with this gained using double opt-in sign-up. Subscribers can unsubscribe at any point. The data gathered is only used for the purposes of sending the newsletter and improving its content.

The data gathered is held and secured on Mailchimp’s servers.

Data gathered from applications and agreements

HRHF collects data transferred to us which is necessary for effective implementation of programmes, projects and strategic goals. The data is securely stored and protected from loss, deletion, improper use, or unauthorised access.

HRHF collects personal data from your contact with us, including from:

  • Job applications
    • For the purposes of interviews and potential employment
  • Applications for participation in events and programmes
    • For enrolment and assessment, commission and participant selection, any travel arrangements, and follow up actions such as reporting.
  • Applications to the ILIA education programme
    • For participant selection and to invite to programmes and events.
  • Service agreements with sub-grantees, subcontractors and consultants
    • For as long as the contract/agreement is valid, and for an additional 10 years.

We only hold your personal information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the purposes outlined above. We remove personal data from our systems once it is no longer required.

Everyone who shares personal data with HRHF is entitled to request and receive a copy of all data we hold on them, to request correction of inaccurate or outdated information, or withdraw their consent to HRHF processing and storing their data.

Third parties

HRHF processes personal data confidentially and shares it with other persons or institutions only when it is necessary for rendering the services applied or when the data owner agrees.

Specifically, we use third parties to process personal data of staff and for payroll administration, as well as in the hosting of our websites.

All third-party services providers process personal information only on HRHF’s behalf and are bound by contractual terms that are compliant with data protection law in Norway and the GDPR.

Photographs / video


Regardless of the copyright considerations, people photographed/filmed have certain rights related to their image. HRHF only publishes photographs/videos with the consent of the subject, unless the image/video is justified by a preponderant public or private interest. When this is not obvious, we ask for the consent of the person or persons concerned.

In the public space

HRHF publishes photographs/videos if they are taken with the knowledge of all present and if the people represented do not constitute the main subject. In this case, at their request, HRHF will delete the photograph/video of the person photographed/filmed.

Withdrawal of consent

People photographed may withdraw consent given at any time, following which HRHF will cancel the publication as far as this is possible. If this withdrawal is a source of prejudice (such as if it prevents the use of already printed materials), HRHF may seek compensation for the damage caused, from the person withdrawing authorisation.

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