March 22, 2004

Wednesday Dialogue – “Iran”

Wednesday 10th March 2004. 19:00 –22:30.
Raftohuset hosted Mr. Kjetil Selvil and Dr.Uichol Kim in the monthly Wednesday Dialogue, which was titled
“Past and Prospects for the Iranian Reforms-Movement” (22-MAR-2004)

February 24, 2004

Iran – 25 years of tyranny, terror and divinity

 Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling shah was forced into excile. Today, 25
 years later, many Iranians long for political change. Exile Iranians in Bergen marked the
 occasion on a seminar at the Rafto Human Rights House where the prospects for democracy
 were discussed. (FEB-2004)

February 16, 2004

The rights of the Dalits in India

In India, Dalits are subject to flagrant violations of human rights and dignity. Last week at “Wednesday Dialogue” in the Rafto Human Rights House, the situation of Dalit was in centre of discussion. Dag Erik Berg from the University of Bergen was invited to talk about the human rights situation of Dalits in India. (15-FEB-2004)

February 9, 2004

International war children survey in the making

 The War and Children Identity Project, a member of the Bergen Human Rights House, is
 currently  collecting new and updated information about the situation of war children all over
 the world. More accurate information will be added to previously published reports, and a
 database for  comparative studies of the situation worldwide will be established. (09-FEB-04)

January 27, 2004

Water – a fundamental human right

 Norwegian Church Aid, whose Bergen office has just moved into Raftohuset, will carry out their
 annual information and fundraising campaign on March 23rd. This year, the focus will be on
 the fundamental right to water. Read what Jannike Hachvaag Grieg, the local project co-
 ordinator, has to tell about it. (28-JAN-04)

January 13, 2004

Mehdi Zana visits the Rafto Foundation

 Mehdi Zana, for 40 years among the most prominent writers, politicians and spokespersons
 for the Kurds, recently visited the Human Rights House in Bergen. Zana, the husband of the
 Kurdish MP and Rafto Prize Laureate of 1994 Leyla Zana, is widely respected for his
 advocacy for a non-violent path to Kurdish independence and respect for his people´s cultural
 rights. (13-JAN-04)


January 5, 2004

Drug abusers’ rights and dignity

 From January 1st 2004, Norway has ratified a new law concerning the treatment of drug
 abusers. The new law entitles drug abusers to ordinary patients´ rights, equal to those of any
 other patients. Egil Rafto House Foundation will focus upon the treatment of drug abusers
 from a human rights perspective. (28-Dec-03)

January 5, 2004

Human rights observers educated in Bergen

Last autumn, the Department of comparative colitics at the University of Bergen and the Rafto House Foundation co-taught their course in human rights observation. Tanja Clifford, regional coordinator and human rights education officer for Amnesty International Norway sat through all three parts of the course; human rights in a historical perspective, human rights and good governance, and human rights and realpolitik. (28-DEC-03)

January 5, 2004

First International War Children Conference to be held in Canada

WCIP, the War and Children Identity Project, based at the Egil Rafto Human Rights House, works to secure war children´s right to nationality and identity. These are children whose parents belong on opposite sides or who face stigmatisation for reasons related to the situation under which they were conceived. WCIP will give a presentation at the first ever conference on such children, to take place in Montreal, Canada mid-March. (28-DEC-03)