An international war children study such as this, for which the War and Children Identity Project (WCIP) is currently preparing a survey, has never been performed. WCIP´s secretary, Joakim Ophaug, hopes that new information will be of value also to the many small organisations working with war children on a daily basis in their countries. The questions within the survey are currently distributed to a handful of war children organisations, and hopefully the final draft with guidelines will soon be distributed worldwide. The survey will also be presented at the first international war children conference in Montreal, Canada this March, and evaluated by the participants, of whom all have relevant experience through studies and research.


“The war children problem is very difficult to grasp as a whole, due to the great variety of cases. It is our hope that this survey will give us the information needed to proceed in our efforts to help this group of neglected children”, says Joakim Ophaug.


If you wish to hear more about this project, or wish to contribute to the study with information from your country, please contact us at