The non-governmental organization Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is working to ensure basic human rights and to support those who live under uncertain conditions or oppression. Acknowledging that the world often fail to cater sufficiently for the vulnerability of these people, NCA constantly puts their situation on the agenda. Every year NCA arranges “Fasteaksjonen”, an extensive information and fundraising campaign. During the next few months the organization is renting an office in the Rafto Human Rights House, where Jannike Hachvaag Grieg will initiate and provide information on the project. 

The thirst for water, knowledge and solutions to meet tough challenges
Hachvaag Grieg´s background is in anthropology and development studies. She stresses the importance of the NCA campaigns. This year the campaign is called “Thirst” and is dealing with the human right to water. Water is essential to all life, she says. Even so, more than one billion people live without access to clean water. This campaign will not only improve the sanitary conditions for some of these. In the process, or as a consequence of gaining access to clean water, their prospects of education and paid work will also be strengthened.

A diversity of resources
The Rafto House already consists of seven human rights organizations. Together they represent a diversity of valuable resources within human rights. The presence of Jannike Hachvaag Grieg and the Norwegian Church Aid will further strengthen this community, says Therese Jebsen, the executive director of the Human Rights House in Bergen.