November 24, 2003

Deputy minister to speak at Azerbaijan seminar in Oslo

The Norwegian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kim Traavik has agreed to speak at HRH´s seminar on the deteriorating human rights situation in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The seminar comes as HRH´s response to the protests, mass arrests and Azerbaijani authorities´ use of torture after the mid-October elections. (24-NOV-03)

November 21, 2003

Hope of joining the EU increases for Bosnia and Herzegovina

The majority of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina´s has received a massive boost to its hope of joining the EU after it was announced that Bruxelles accepts the positive conclusions of the feasibility study, assessing BiH´s suitability for membership. (20-NOV-03)

November 19, 2003

Ossietzky prize goes to Stavanger

The Ossietzsky prize, named after the Nobel laureate of 1936, the German pacifist and journalist Carl von Ossietzky, murdered by the Hitler regime in 1938, was awarded at the Human Rights House in Oslo today to the municipality of Stavanger, Norway. (19-NOV-03) 

November 18, 2003

Protection of the rights of people with special needs

Under the leadership of the Helsinki Commitee for Human Rights, the Human Rights House in Sarajevo has realised the pilot project “For Equal Possibilities – Realisation of the Human Rights of People with Special Needs” in the Canton of Tuzla in BiH and in the municipality of Bijeljina in the Republic of Srpska. (18-NOV-03)

November 18, 2003

Bosnia and Herzegovina anticipating historical decision

Today, on the 18th of November, the President of the European Commission Romano Prodi is hosting a meeting to discuss the possible inclusion of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union. Joining the union will affect the country´s political make-up, its constitution and all bureaucratic institutions (18-NOV-03)

November 18, 2003

Human Rights House underway in Uganda

To accellerate the process towards opening a human rights house in Kampala, an interim board of more than ten central human rights NGOs covering all key areas of human rights violations in the Republic of Uganda was established late October. The board has already met several times and is about to launch a joint project. (18-NOV-03)

November 14, 2003

The Wacko case: Police charged with involuntary manslaughter

Bjørn Engesland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, expresses relief over the Norwegian State Attorney´s decision this week to charge with involuntary manslaughter the 28-year-old police officer involved in the fracas that lead to Tomasz Wacko´s death. Wacko, left, died on the 5th of June from prolonged lack of oxygen. (15-NOV-03)

November 10, 2003

Sutyagin’s Case: Prosecutors try to mislead the jury

On November 3rd, 2003, Judge Petr Shtunder of the Moscow City Court began hearings on the case of Igor Sutyagin, who is accused by the Russian Security Service, FSB, of treason. During the first day the court selected the jury. On November 4th the judge gave floor to the prosecutors, who started presenting their case. Almost immediately the judge had to declare a break and adjourn the hearings until November 5th. (10-NOV-03)

November 10, 2003

Turkey: At least one thousand political prisoners kept in isolation

The leader of Amnesty International in the Republic of Turkey, Özlem Dalkiran, is hoping for democracy proper to take hold in the Republic of Turkey within the next decade. Dalkiran, who participated in HRH Foundation´s annual network meeting in Bergen recently, says a forthcoming EU membership will force Republic of Turkey to rid itself of its longstanding undemocratic practices. (09-NOV-03)

November 7, 2003

Belarusian human rights defender receives award

Andrej Dynko, editor of the Minsk-based independent newspaper Nasa Niva and instrumental in the process towards establishing a human rights house in the Republic of Belarus, has received the financial portion of the Hanno R. Ellenbogen Citizenship Award from the Prague Society. Dynko recently participated in the HRH Network´s annual meeting in Bergen. (07-NOV-03)

November 7, 2003

Belarus: Human rights defenders brought to silence

The need to support Belarusian civil society is urgent, says the annual meeting of the Human Rights House Network. Delegates from nine different countries express their concern about Belarusian authorities´ campaign to destroy civil society in the Republic of Belarus. (07-NOV-03)

November 4, 2003

The Sutyagin case: Prosecutors try to mislead jury

Court hearings of the case of Igor Sutyagin, accused by the Russian Security Service, FSB, of treason, began in Moscow on Nov. 3rd. On the second day, after spending the first selecting a jury, Judge Petr Shtunder of the Moscow City Court had to suspend the hearings, due to the prosecutors´ use of irrelevant or already declared invalid material. (04-NOV-03)