Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights

In 1994, the Warsaw-based Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights became one of the founding members of the network of Human Rights Houses.


A long-time actor in human rights protection, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR) works to develop a culture based on respect for human rights in Poland and abroad. It is one of the oldest non-governmental organisations acting in the field of human rights protection in Poland.

HFHR’s main areas of activity are: international and national education; strategic litigation; and providing legal assistance to Polish citizens, refugees, and members of national minorities. HFHR also carries out research and monitoring projects related to human rights protection. HFHR’s work in 2017, despite the deteriorating conditions, brought many positive results, such as new regulations improving the situation for disabled and elderly persons – something for which HFHR has been fighting for years.

One of the biggest challenges for 2018 will be the closing civil society space in Poland. Some legislative works are underway which may subsequently limit the ability of NGOs to perform their role.

Contact information

+48 22 556 44 40

Zgoda 11 Street

00-018 Warsaw