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Image: Protests in Minsk, Belarus, on 25 March 2017 
Copyright: Спадар Бурак, via Wikimedia Commons

True face of Belarus: Systematic repression

“There were armoured cars, water cannons, police paddy wagons on the streets, and the ‘law enforcement’ officers were equipped as if they were going to fight terrorists; they were carrying guns with rubber bullets, gas masks and batons.” 28 Mar 2017 »

Image: Marking International Whistleblower Day in Croatia 
Copyright: Copyright 2009 HRH Zagreb

Marking International Whistleblower Day in Croatia

On March 24, International Whistleblower Day, GOOD Initiative, Center for Peace Studies, GONG and the Human Rights House Zagreb called upon all citizens and educational staff to openly warn of harmful policies and practices in the Croatian education system. 27 Mar 2017 »

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