November 16, 2022

UPR Poland 2023 – Reflections from Polish civil society

On 15 November 2023, Human Rights House Foundation hosted a conversation between Polish civil society representatives reflecting on the recommendations given by delegations immediately following the conclusion of Poland’s Universal Periodic Review process at the United Nations in Geneva. More than 240 recommendations were made by around 80 delegations on the human rights situation in Poland over the last five years.

September 19, 2022

HRHF Annual Report 2021

In 2021, Human Rights House Foundation and the network of Human Rights Houses worked in partnership to meet human rights challenges across Europe from the Thames to the Caspian. Find out how we did this and continued our work together to advance human rights at home and abroad.

August 16, 2022

Arendalsuka // European democracies in crisis – what is Norway’s role?

Join us on Thursday 18 August at Arendalsuka, Norway for a conversation on the future of democracy in Europe with three leading experts from Poland, Hungary, and Romania.

June 21, 2022

Poland: “Any success in the fight against populism should not make us complacent”

“For years I believed that our greatest success was that we, the pro-democratic forces in Poland, managed to lead our country, as the first in the socialist bloc, along the path of peaceful transformation from socialism to liberal democracy. And also that we managed, relatively efficiently and quickly, to build a stable system of a democratic rule of law in the country. For some years now, this belief of mine has been put to a very difficult test.”

June 9, 2022

Open Letter to the European Commission regarding Polish National Council of the Judiciary

Human Rights House Foundation joins Polish and international civil society organisations writing to the President of the Commission and the commissioners responsible for the Rule of Law, requesting an infringement action as regards the National Council of the Judiciary.

March 11, 2022

HRC49: Statement on Human Rights Defenders

On 11 March 2022, Human Rights House Foundation delivered a statement at the 49th session of the UN Human Rights Council highlighting the situation for Human Rights Defenders in Azerbaijan, the rise of SLAPPs in Europe, and condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

April 28, 2021

HRHF Annual Report 2020

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges in the wake of COVID-19. In our annual report, discover how Human Rights House Foundation and the network of Human Rights Houses adapted to meet these new challenges and continue our work together to advance human rights at home and abroad.

April 27, 2021

Civil society organisations ask the Portuguese Presidency of the Council to take action on the deteriorating situation in Poland

Human Rights House Foundation joins over 200 civil society organisations in a joint letter sent to the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU, ahead of the EU General Affairs Council on April 20, expressing deep concerns over the deteriorating situation in Poland.

March 16, 2021

Appeal to the Norwegian Government Regarding the collapse of rule of law in Poland

Human Rights House Foundation joins five organisations lead by International Commission of Jurists Norway in an appeal for the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs to freeze all transfer of Norway Grants under the EEA agreement to the Ministry of Justice in Poland and entities dependent on the Ministry.