Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv

Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv was established in Ukraine in 2014. Today the House unites 11 organisations under its roof.


A centre for Ukrainian organisations, Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv is a modern and well-equipped educational conference and resource centre with accommodation facilities. It was founded by organisations from different regions of Ukraine, and welcomes civil activists and organisations engaged in civil and human rights education.

Video: Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv’s Educational Human Rights Fest 2017

In 2017, the House hosted 985 participants at 51 educational events, including seminars, workshops, training sessions, strategy planning sessions, meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. The House also supported organisations and initiatives aiming to address Ukraine’s territories under conflict and occupation. The House strengthened its cooperation with other Human Rights Houses in protection work.

The House’s focus in 2018 includes continuing the educational programme “We Understand Human Rights,” building capacity and cooperation among member organisations, and strengthening the House, its organisational structure, and financial policies and procedures.

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+380 462 610 508

Lugoviy lane 1-G Vil. Kolychivka

Chernihiv region 15563







AHALAR is a humanistic technologies centre, which develops and implements a programm that allows people to change themselves and situation in their local communities.

Its main goal is to contribute to the formation of harmonious, stable and democratic society in Ukraine.

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+380(0462) 93-4444



Centre of civil education “Almenda”

Centre of civil education “Almenda” is a civil education centre. After moving from Crimea due to the Russian annexation of the peninsula, CCE “Almenda” has mainly focused on monitoring and analysing the situation with forced migrants from Crimea, especially in the sphere of education; working on awareness raising, educational and methodical work for human rights promotion and protection.

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Association of Ukrainian human rights monitors on Law Enforcement

Association of Ukrainian human rights monitors on Law Enforcement (Association UMDPL) – non-governmental human rights organisation implementing systemic all-Ukrainian monitoring of human rights and fundamental freedoms on law enforcement bodies. Organisation was established in June 2010 after closing down of a Human Rights Department within the MIA system. Today general number of branches all around Ukraine is 17. About 80 members of the organisation work there.

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+380(044) 253-40-36




The “East-SOS” Charitable Foundation was established in spring 2014 as a response to the annexation of Crimea and armed hostilities in the eastern part of Ukraine, and to support the internally displaced persons from temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and to inhabitants of zones near the collision line.

The “East-SOS” Charitable Foundation provides legal, psychological, humanitarian assistance, implements education, integration and adaptation activities, documents human rights violations in the conflict zone, performs advocacy work at all levels of governance, and supports the development of civil organisations and initiatives in eastern Ukraine.

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+380(066) 705-12-57


Chernihiv public committee of human rights protection

Chernihiv public committee of human rights protection

Chernihiv public committee of human rights protection is a non-governmental organisation focused on working with victims of torture and human trafficking, and conducting campaigns on these issues, provides free legal aid, works on protection of vulnerable groups and victims of human rights abuse, monitoring of election process and places with lack of freedom, ensuring of transparency and accountability in the authorities’ activity, empowering legal abilities and legal education for people.

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+38 (0462) 675-281


ZMINA. Human Rights Center

ZMINA. Human Rights Center

ZMINA. Human Rights Center is a non-governmental organisation which aims to promote human rights, rule of law, and the ideas of the civil society in Ukraine. The NGO was registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on August 15, 2012. The organisation’s mission is to work on the improvement of the human rights situation and the establishment of the rule of law in Ukraine. Organisation’s values: Humaneness, Variety, Creativity, Development, Professionalism. ZMINA is engaged in awareness raising, educational, monitoring and advocacy activities in the field of human rights.

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+380(044) 482-39-86




NGO ‘MART’ (Monitoring Activity Results Team) started its work in 1998 but became a registered legal entity on April 14, 1999. The founders of the organisation were young teachers and students of secondary schools in the city of Chernihiv. In 2014, according to new legislative requirements, the statute, the name, and structure of the governing bodies of the organisation were changed.

‘MART’ is an independent, non-political, non-profit organisation in Chernihiv. The organisation seeks to develop civil society, facilitate training and education in the field of human rights, and provide monitoring and observance of human rights, advocacy campaigns which defend public interests through the protection of human rights. ‘

MART’ supports all possible legal means and protects victims of human rights violations, helping them to achieve justice. The organisation also disseminates information on the state of observance of human rights, contributes to strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations through expert and resource support, training and partner collaboration in actions to protect the public interest.

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+38(0462) 774 110


No Borders Project

No Borders ProjectSince early 2006 “No Borders” got concerned with to the issues of promotion of the freedom of movement, support and protection of asylum seekers and refugees in In cooperation with other NGOs No Borders project implemented a range of initiatives in this field, among them – a campaign against unlawful deportation of 11 Uzbeki asylum seekers from Ukraine back to Uzbekistan and organising the “No Border” Camp 2007 in Ukraine.

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The mission of the Postup human rights centre is the all-round human rights protection and development of human rights culture in Ukraine. The priority of the organisation’s activity since 2000 was rights and interests protection of children at risk. After the beginning of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, “Postup” has switched to a humanitarian centre “EAST-SOS” in order to support the victims of the conflict.

Contact information

+38(066) 705 12 57 +38(096) 371 18 47

Transcarpathian Public Center

Transcarpathian Public Center

Transcarpathian Public Center is a resource centre, that works on human rights education and education for political activists, controls the authorities’ activity. Its main goal is to develop civic community and support activists.

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+38 050 372 51 00

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union promotes the development of humane society based on respect to human life, dignity and harmonious relations between a person, state and nature through the creation of a platform for cooperation between the members of the Union and other members of the human rights movement.

The main directions of UHHRU’s activity are: ongoing monitoring of human rights situation in Ukraine, legal assistance to victims of human rights violations, protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in courts, protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in courts, human rights research and analysis, resisting the adoption of normative acts, which could worsen human rights safeguards, human rights education, developing and providing support for the network of human rights NGOs in Ukraine.

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+38 (044) 485 17 92