Craig Jackson

Communication Officer
Languages: English, Norwegian
Responsibilities: Design and layout, Photo and film, Web and social media, Writing

I am proud to be a part of Human Rights House Foundation’s work, highlighting and reducing the risks involved for our brave colleagues, whose vital work in defending human rights is a constant source of inspiration.

Craig brings a visual focus to his role as a communication officer at Human Rights House Foundation. He works as a photographer, videographer and designer.

Craig also produces written content, promotes HRHF’s work through and social media, and communicates with HRHF’s members, partners, and donors.

He is responsible for HRHF’s photo archive, and for the design and layout of visual products, from reports and publications to invitations and posters. Craig focuses regionally on communication with the Human Rights Houses in Eastern and Western Europe. Craig has worked at BBC Scotland and as a freelance photographer, before joining HRHF in August 2015. His education is in design and digital art, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in digital art from the University of the West of Scotland.