August 30, 2005

Growing concerns for free expression in wake of London bombings

ARTICLE 19 has issued a public statement in the wake of the London bombings. The free expression organization has voiced concerns about how proposed security measures will affect fundamental freedoms. (30-AUG-05)

August 24, 2005

UK editor faces charges of racial incitement

A Scots local newspaper editor is facing charges of incitement to racial hatred after he published an editorial opposing a proposed refugee centre in the north-east of Scotland. Index on Censorship reports (22-AUG-05).

August 12, 2005

New threats to free expression in wake of London attacks

The British government is proposing powerful new controls on freedom of expression as part of its current strategy to ward off fresh terror attacks on the country — including charging the worst offenders with treason and rewriting British human rights laws to make it all possible. Index on Censorship’s Rohan Jayasekera reports. (09-AUG-05)

July 25, 2005

Religious hatred law threatens free expression

By passing an act to outlaw incitement to religious hatred, the British government will create a quasi-legal forum for extremists ready to use one law while breaking others – to silence critics of their faith and punish apostates. Index on Censorship’s Rohan Jayasekera comments (22-JULY-05).

July 11, 2005

China: winning the web war

When one of China’s Internet users logs on to Google, everything appears normal. But websites without the government’s blessing – including the BBC, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Amnesty International – will not be found. And Chinese citizens won’t know the difference. While other states that censor the Internet do so blatantly, the Chinese operate in a more clandestine manner. Wendy Ginsberg reports for Index on Censorship (08-JULY-05)

July 1, 2005

Security agency sets standards for states seeking to control the web

A gathering of experts and international NGOs in Amsterdam has concluded with a joint  declaration on the main issues facing countries seeking to regulate online activity– including enforced regulation and filtering. Index on Censorship reports. (28-JUN-05)

June 20, 2005

United States: Court case over comic book’s nude Picasso

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is backing a legal challenge to charges brought against a US shopkeeper who accidently allowed a child to be given a copy of a comic book featuring images of artist Pablo Picasso in the nude. (13-JUN-05)

June 20, 2005

Freedom of information left in tsunami’s wake

The earthquake and tsunamis that hit South and Southeast Asia on 26
December 2004 resulted in a tragedy of enormous proportions. Access to information takes on new meaning in the context of a natural disaster. ARTICLE 19’s recent report highlights the importance of fulfilling the rights to expression and information. (06-JUN-05)

June 1, 2005

Interview with Britain’s former ambassador to Uzbekistan

In August 2003, Craig Murray, Britain’s former ambassador to Republic of Uzbekistan, was confronted with a series of disciplinary charges by the Foreign Office, which he was not permitted to discuss with anyone, and instructed to resign. He refused. The allegations were dropped within a few weeks but not before Murray had had a breakdown and a pulmonary embolism that nearly killed him. He was finally removed from his post in October 2004. (24-MAY-05)