Intersession statement – Human Rights House Foundation

Interactive Dialogue – HC oral update on Ukraine

15 December 2022

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Amongst the international crimes being committed by Russia in Ukraine, we are particularly dismayed by the summary arbitrary executions of unarmed civilians.

We continue to draw attention to the hundreds of cases of enforced disappearances of Ukrainians in the newly occupied territories.

Furthermore, we also draw the Council’s attention to the General Assembly’s draft resolution on the human rights situation in Crimea being considered this week in New York. The resolution identifies a number of unjustly detained people in Crimea, including “Emir-Usein Kuku, Server Mustafayev, Vladyslav Yesypenko and many others”.

More must be done to secure the freedom of all people unjustly detained and disappeared in Ukraine, including those in Crimea, some of whom have been in prison for multiple years.


We are encouraged that the High Commissioner met with civil society representatives during his recent visit to Ukraine. We urge him to make civil society engagement a continued priority during all aspects of his tenure in office. 

In Ukraine specifically, we ask the High Commissioner for his reflections on meeting with civil society representatives, particularly those engaged in documenting atrocities and serious human rights violations. What are their current needs, and how is the international community best able to support them in their work?

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The High Commissioner’s response