Matthew Jones

International Advocacy Officer
Languages: English
Responsibilities: Human rights mechanisms, International advocacy, United Nations

As to the canary in the coal mine, the messenger’s responsibility is to watch for warning signs and persuade others of approaching peril. My satisfaction is found in strengthened protection… or tragedy averted.

Matthew works alongside member organisations of Human Rights Houses, as well as HRHF’s partners to ensure that their concerns are heard at an international level, and that the international framework around HRHF’s key rights is strengthened and protected. This is achieved through advocacy at the United Nations, conversation with its Member States, and judicious engagement with the international human rights mechanisms. This is also undertaken in close collaboration with HRHF’s European-focused advocacy.

Matthew joined HRHF in 2017. He has an extensive background in international human rights advocacy, and read International Relations at the London School of Economics (MSc) and Politics and History of Ideas at Kingston (BA).