HRC52 – Item 4 – Interactive Dialogue – Ukraine COI

20 March 2023

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Thank you Vice-President.

The report of the Commission of Inquiry is clear: war crimes are being committed in Ukraine, including the torture and killing of civilians and the forced transfers and deportations of children. The patterns of serious violations suggest other crimes are likely being committed as well, including crimes against humanity.

Nevertheless, despite the widespread and continued occurrence of international crimes and serious human rights violations, ground-breaking and important work is being done to advance accountability, and it remains essential that such efforts receive strong international support.

Alongside the work of the Commission of Inquiry, our civil society partners in Ukraine are at the forefront of documentation efforts on the ground, including gross violations of the rights of the child and the widespread re-education and militarisation of children in the occupied territories.

The work towards accountability in Ukraine will be described in more detail during today’s side event, at 2pm in room 22, and we would welcome the participation of all delegations.

In addition, we call on all stakeholders, states and civil society alike, to continue to support the Commission’s work, to renew its mandate this session, and to ensure it has all the resources it needs.


We ask the Commission, aside from current cooperation, are there additional ways that civil society, both Ukrainian and international, can assist the fulfillment of your mandate?