HRC50: Item 10 – Interactive Dialogue – Ukraine/Crimea

HRHF video statement

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We draw attention to the forced mobilisation of at least 3,000 Crimeans, who have been sent to take part in Russia’s war of aggression in other parts of Ukraine.

In Crimea itself, the serious human rights situation has continued to deteriorate, not least as new repressive legislation passed in Russia is also applied in Crimea.

In May, Russian security forces detained four lawyers who have been helping victims of human rights violations in Crimea since the first days of Russian occupation. The arbitrary detentions of lawyers indicate that Russia has moved to a new, and ominous round of reprisals.

Alongside lawyers, journalists are also are heavily targeted, and we ask for special attention for Iryna Danilovych, a Crimean journalist who is currently held in detention on politically motivated charges with fabricated evidence, and has been subjected to various forms of torture.

We call on the Human Rights Council to:

  1. Continue expressing solidarity with the residents of Crimea, who are under immense pressure;
  2. Address opportunities to provide comprehensive support to victims of political reprisals in Crimea and their families; And,
  3. Provide every assistance to investigations into monitoring and documenting serious human rights violations and international crimes occurring in Crimea as well as the rest of Ukraine.


We ask the High Commissioner how the Human Rights Council can better support human rights lawyers and journalists in Crimea?

Thank you.