February 20, 2003

Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2002

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina has published a report on the State of Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2002. Read the report (20-FEB-02)

February 20, 2003

Recommendations to the Norwegian Government on Human Rights in 2003

15 organizations from the “Norwegian NGO Forum” has made recommendations on human rights issues which the Norwegian Government should focus on in this year´s meeting in the UN Human Rights Commission. One of the issues is the situation for civilians in Iraq in case of a war. (20 February, 2003)

February 20, 2003

European Court of Human Rights to look at Chechnya

The Human Rights House Network meeting in Moscow in January praised the European Court of Human Rights’ decision to hear six cases where Russian forces are accused of human rights violations in the Chechen Republic. (20 February, 2003)

February 6, 2003

Protect the rights of civilians in Iraq

The Human Rights House Foundation and several other organizations express concern for civilians in Iraq in the case of a war. They ask the Norwegian authorities to do what they can to protect the rights of refugees, internally displaced persons and other particularly vulnerable groups, if Iraq is attacked. Read more. (Norwegian language). (6 February, 2003)

January 30, 2003

New organizations in Bergen

Norwegian People’s Aid and Micro-credits Bergen have left their offices in the Rafto House. However, two new organizations have moved in: Norwegian Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Committee and Fredskorpset . (30-JAN-03)

January 29, 2003

Protest against human rights violations in Chechnya

We, participants of the annual meeting of the Human Rights Houses Network, representatives of human rights organizations of Albania, Austria, Republic of Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Kenya, Norway, Republic of Poland, the Russian Federation, express our deep concern about mass violations of human rights and humanitarian law in the Chechen Republic and the situation of internally displaced persons from the Chechen Republic. (Photo: Norwegian Helsinki Committee) (29 January, 2003)


January 14, 2003

Network Meeting in Moscow 17-19 January

Around 20 representatives from the Human Rights House Network will attend the annual Network Meeting, which this year will be held in Moscow in the period 17-19 January. (14 January, 2003)

December 20, 2002

Establishing Human Rights Houses

Read an interview with Ms. Maria Dahle, Executive Director of the Human Rights House Foundation, in the Norwegian Helsinki Committee´s magazine “Menneskerettighetsmagasinet MR”. Ms. Dahle answers questions about the history of the Human Rights House Network, current projects, and the idea of a Human Rights House as such. (Norwegian language) (20 December, 2002)