NPA_logo_smallThe Norwegian People’s Aid in Bergen reacted strongly on the incident that occurred on a bus in Bergen January 17th. 30 asylum seekers from Vestlandsheimen refugee camp were left at the bus stop while a Norwegian passenger was allowed on board the bus. (February, 2002)

The asylum seekers reacted very strongly and felt discriminated by this kind of treatment.

It has been a problem that this specific route is often full. A lot of passengers attending Nygård School have to stand and many of the children gets sick which in some cases has resulted in some passengers throwing up on the bus.

It is understandable that the chauffeur doesn’t want people throwing up in the bus. But the Norwegian Peoples Aid in Bergen still looks very seriously at the situation where the chauffeur discriminates foreigners by allowing the only passenger that looks Norwegian on the bus.

I addition it is serious that the refugee camp for a long time has asked for their own school bus for the 50 pupils going to Nygård school every day. Until now this request has been denied. The Norwegian Peoples Aid in Bergen also questions the fact that small children are being transported to Nygård School instead of arranging education at the local school.

– If there is lack of space the oldest children should be sent by bus, there should be a difference on age and not between Norwegian versus foreigner, says Yngve Træland, chairman of the board, Norwegian Peoples Aid in Bergen.