Norwegian People s Aid and Micro-credits Bergen have left their offices in the Rafto House. However, two new organizations have moved in: The Norwegian Afghanistan Committe and Fredskorpset.

The main goals of the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC) are to support the Afghan people in their struggle for achieving control over their own country, re-building their infrastructure, giving emergency aid, trying to give developmental aid and to inform about Afghanistan in Norway.

NAC moved into Raftohuset in June 2002 in order to get into closer contact and cooperation with the other organizations there. In Bergen the work is done on a voluntary basis.

You will find more information about the Committee’s current and future activities here.

shall help to implement the overarching objectives for Norway’s cooperation with the developing countries: to contribute to permanent improvements in economic, social and political conditions for the people of developing countries, with special emphasis on aid benefiting the poorest of the poor.

Fredskorpset opened an office in the Rafto House in January 2003.

Learn more about Fredskorpset here, or on their website