The City Council Duty Officer, Anne-Grete Strøm-Ericksen, had the honour of opening the Kurdish Human Rights Project’s (KHRP) Scandinavian representation office. A seminar accompanied the opening, which was held in Raftohuset. (2 July 2002)

Haci Akman, who is also a board member of the Egil Rafto House Foundation, will be the Scandinavian representative of the project. Around 50 people attended the opening and seminar. They had the pleasure of hearing speeches by Kerim Yildiz, the founder and leader of KHRP, and Arild Humlen from The Norwegian Bar Association.

KHRP was founded in 1992, as a reaction to the situation for the Kurdish people in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and the previous Soviet Union. But it was also set off as an attempt to wake up and encourage the international society to take action.

The main purposes for KHRP are education in human rights and human rights work, monitoring trials, as well as fact-finding and spreading information.

We congratulate Haci Akman and KHRP with the opening of the Scandinavian office, and wish them good luck in their work.

Camilla Skjegstad