While the building itself is damaged, Human Rights Houses are not brick and mortar. They are people. The resolve of our brave Ukrainian colleagues and friends, and their belief in the power of cooperation, solidarity and respect for human rights have never been stronger.

Today, we stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues and repeat their call for the safe evacuation of people from conflict zones and an end to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The House as seen in 2018, shortly after the year’s Educational Human Rights Festival.

Established in 2014, Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv unites human rights defenders, organisations, and civil activists who believe that education is an effective way to ensure human rights protection and long-term positive changes.

Human rights defenders gather in 2014 for the opening of the House in Chernihiv.

Over the years, the House has organised hundreds of educational events and activities, gathered thousands of human rights defenders, teachers, lawyers and judges from all over the country and beyond, and provided shelter to persecuted human rights defenders from the whole region. It is a place where many human rights defenders from the broader region feel at home. It is a place to which we all look forward to come back to soon.

Top photo: The last photograph taken of the House before our partners were able to flee the area. At the time they reported extensive damage to the building.