Azerbaijani ILIA project expert Intiqam Aliyev – the human rights defender of year 2012

Intiqam Aliyev (right), a human rights lawyer from Azerbaijan, the president of the Legal Education Society and a national expert of the project “International law in Advocacy. Electronic Human Rights Education for Lawyers” was considered the best human rights defender of the year 2012. In March in Prague The international NGO “‘People in Need”, presented its annual Homo Homini human rights award for 2012 to Intigam Aliyev for exceptional commitment to defending human rights.

On 4 March Intigam Aliyev, the lawyer and human rights defender from Azerbaijan,  received the human rights award from the  "People in Need" organization in Prague.  The Homo Homini Award is presented annually to an individual in recognition of a dedication to the promotion of human rights, democracy and non-violent solutions to political conflicts."Aliyev has received this award for his personal courage and exceptional commitment to defending persecuted individuals," – is said in the official statement of People in Need.

According to Intigam, "The best reward for a man is to live in a just society." "That is why I wish every one of us to get such award," – he concluded.  Intiqam Aliyev has dedicated his life to the development of just society in Azerbaijan: he is a famous human rights lawyer and the president of the Legal Education Society, an independent Azerbaijani non-governmental organisation, aimed at achieving the development of legal consciousness and legal culture in the society of Azerbaijan

The organization is engaged in human rights defence, preparation of strategic litigation cases, training of lawyers who can apply their knowledge in their professional life.  

Intiqam Aliyev considers education and professional development of lawyers as a very important issue. In addition to the activities in the organization he presides,  Intiqam is also a national expert from Azerbaijan in the Human Rights House Network project "International Law in Advocacy.The Electronic Human Rights Education for Lawyers". Intiqam Aliyev is a talented and successful lawyer, he has presented almost 200 legal cases to the European Court of Human Rights, in 40 cases the Strasbourg Court has restored the rights of his clients. Experience and knowledge of this outstanding human rights defender serve as a unique resource and a source of inspiration for those get education within the project. Intiqam himself notes that no other organization provides such knowledge for lawyers, despite the education for specialists in this field is of particular importance:

"This project is unique for Azerbaijan. For the first time lawyers and advocates have the opportunity not only to study the international mechanisms of human rights protection online, but also to communicate with dozens representatives of other countries,  and regularly share issues and experiences with colleagues from other countries.The project also gives the opportunity to report efficiently through the professional network about the cases of serious pressures on lawyers, human rights defenders and other representatives of civil society. The feeling that you are a part of a great team of human rights defenders and human rights activists is the advantage that is noted by all participants of this program."


The Electronic Human Rights Education for Lawyers (EHREL) is a project under the Human Rights House Network program "International Law in Advocacy" prepared and implemented in cooperation with Human Rights House Foundation’s partner organizations.

The project is designed to bring lawyers from CIS countries together via online human rights training material prepared by international and national experts. The learning process is supervised by a team of managers, regional partners and coordinators.

The project facilitates efforts to fulfill commitments made within the framework of the United Nations, the Council of Europe and other international organizations to support implementation of human rights (HR) obligations in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.

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