Increased cooperation

Increased cooperation enables Human Rights Houses to share their knowledge and experience, and create and implement joint projects and strategies. Cooperation and solidarity are essential to the Human Rights House concept.

Success stories

Supporting innovation and collaboration

At the beginning of 2017, Human Rights House Foundation launched a small-grants fund to support collaboration among Human Rights Houses.

With nine Human Rights Houses and their member NGOs taking up the opportunity, the House-to-House project fund enabled 15 successful joint projects during the year, impacting hundreds of people in areas such as human rights education, capacity building, and awareness and understanding of human rights. The fund is motivated by HRHF’s strategic aim of increasing cooperation among the Houses.

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Network Assembly in Belgrade

In November 2016, representatives from 15 Human Rights Houses and from Human Rights House Foundation gathered in the Serbian capital Belgrade for the network meeting. This was hosted and co-organised by Human Rights House Belgrade and HRHF, and included external experts and donor representatives.

The Assembly was held over two days, with sessions under two themes: celebrating the work of the Human Rights Houses and looking to the future of the Houses and their work.

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Impact by year


For the network of Human Rights Houses, 2017 was an exceptional year for cooperation. This was in part due to HRHF establishing a fund to support House-to-House projects, which provided mini-grants to encourage knowledge and competency sharing, joint projects and pooled resources.

Also, 540 human rights defenders were trained as part of the network International Law in Advocacy (ILIA) programme, which focuses on education in international human rights standards. Reform of the programme continued, aimed at decentralising the management of the programme and handing over its ownership, responsibilities, and educational and online resources to the Houses.

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In 2016, HRHF was a leading partner in the International Law in Advocacy (ILIA) programme. This came as the programme marked 10 years of teaching lawyers and human rights defenders strategies on how to implement human rights standards at the national level, and facilitating an active, international alumni network of human rights lawyers.

In March 2016, HRHF assisted Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv and Human Rights House Tbilisi in holding a seminar on the prevention and treatment of psychological burnout for Ukrainian human rights defenders, who worked in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea and were in urgent need of such support.

The Houses gathered for the Network Assembly in November 2016, where they celebrated their achievements and looked to the future.