At its 51st session, the UN Human Rights Council responded to the deteriorating human rights situation in Russia as well as calls from Russian civil society and human rights defenders and established a Special Rapporteur for the situation of human rights in Russia. At its upcoming 52nd session, the Council will appoint a mandate holder who is expected to report to the Council at its 54th session and to the General Assembly at its 78th session. While Russia is not formally on the agenda of the Council at HRC52, the situation in Russia requires the Council’s continued attention.

Since October 2022, Russia has seen:

This pre-recorded, virtual side event will be released in conjunction with the 52nd session will provide a snapshot of the current human rights situation inside of Russia and anticipate some of the necessary work of the incoming Special Procedures mandate holders. Among the questions to be explored include:

  • What are the most pressing human rights issues in Russia today?
  • With the establishment of the Special Rapporteur, what additional steps should States take to support independent civil society and human rights defenders in Russia?
  • How can the Human Rights Council and other stakeholders best support the Special Rapporteur to fulfil her/his mandate?