Ketevan Abashidze

Human Rights Officer for Eastern Europe
Languages: English, Georgian, Russian, French
Responsibilities: Establishing supporting and connecting Human Rights Houses, Protection

Human Rights House Foundation’s unique working method emboldens human rights defenders to advance human rights protection for all. I am proud to be part of a team that supports these inspiring individuals and connects them in a network of Human Rights Houses.

Kety works with Human Rights Houses (HRHs) in the South Caucasus and Ukraine, supporting their governance, capacity building and connecting them for experience sharing. Kety also focuses on HRHF’s protection work and potential possibilities for a House establishment across Eastern Europe.

Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, Kety follows civil society developments and trends and cooperates with international stakeholders in the region.

Prior to joining HRHF in 2014, Kety worked at INTERIGHTS, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association and the Georgian Ministry of Justice. She has litigated cases before the European Court of Human Rights and has closely worked with the UN, Open Government Partnership and the Council of Europe. Kety teaches EU law and human rights law as a guest lecturer at two Universities in Tbilisi. She is the member of the Georgian Bar Association. Kety holds LLB from Tbilisi State University and LLM from the College of Europe, Belgium.