A project on truth as a vehicle to reconciliation and confidence has been initiated by several human rights organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. (5 March, 2002)

In co-operation with members of the Human Rights House of Sarajevo, the
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Association of Citizens «Truth and Reconciliation» and Association of Independent Intellectuals «CIRCLE 99» has applied for funding to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a project proposal called «Truth as a vehicle to reconciliation and confidence». Main aims of this project are:

  • Raising awareness of citizens on the need that the Law on the Commission for Truth and Reconciliation be established
  • Training of human rights activists from the non-governmental sector for investigation of positive experiences, spreading of knowledge on reconciliation, truth and confidence, and spreading of culture in human rights, pursuant to the international legal standards
    spreading of international understanding and promoting of dialogue in resolving conflicts 
  • Creating conditions for individuals to exchange the knowledge and experience on others and on differences in them