Igor Sutuagin’s appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.  (9 April 2002)

Igor Sutuagin is a researcher at the U.S. and Canada Institute in Moscow, who has been charged with high treason. Igor Sutuagin´s lawyers appealed to The Supreme Court to close the criminal case against him as there is no corpus delicti in his actions. The defense also asked to reverse the Kaluga Court ruling of 27 December 2001 that referred the case to The Kaluga regional FSB office for further inquiry.
The hearing date was set for 13 March 2002, but was postponed because The Public Prosecutor’s office asked for more time “to study the materials more carefully”. Sutuagin was hopeful that the court hearing would change the preventive punishment since he’s been held under arrest for 2 years and 4 months. The case has been in Kaluga regional Court since 26 December 2002.

Source: www.hro.org (Russian website)