Strengthening rights of soldiers, improving prison conditions 

Socially significant human rights projects have been launched by two member organisations of the Russian Research Center for Human Rights.

Social Partnership Foundation has launched a project aimed at increasing cooperation between government institutions and civil society, to address the humanisation of prisons and colonies, ensuring the rights of prisoners for life and health protection.

“Patient behind bars” provides assistance to the public monitoring commissions (PMC) of Moscow and the Moscow region in ensuring the right to medical support of prisoners, especially HIV and tubercular patients. Social Partnership Foundation launched the project as part of its strategic programme to develop an institute of public control over government institutions, which have been closed to society for decades.

The Union of Soldiers Mothers Committee launched a new large scale human rights project entitled “Judicial protection for soldiers of Russia,” aimed at strengthening, in the context of new legislation, the interaction between judicial authorities and the human rights organisations of soldiers’ mothers.

The project is aims at more effective protection of the rights of military personnel and recruits. As part of the project, the organisations will provide internet resources and seminars to facilitate the training and exchange of information among experts, lawyers, and members of the Union of Soldiers Mothers Committee.

The project will provide practical skills and relevant legal information to activists within 30 regional Soldiers Mothers Committees, and aims to extend the experience of civil control in the military sphere.

For more information, contact:

Social Partnership Foundation – Valery Borschov, tel. +7(916) 588-64-50

Union of Soldiers Mothers Committee – Valentina Melnikova tel.+7(495) 628 25 06 


October 18, 2018

Court rejects Mehman Huseynov’s appeal for conditional release

The Azerbaijani video journalist found no justice in his trial for defamation, and in August his first application for conditional release was rejected. His so far unsuccessful appeals against this rejection include an accuser not summoned to court and warnings against informing people of their rights. Such events are a repeat of the injustices that took place during his arrest and trial.

October 17, 2018

Political leaders in Georgia must stop slandering civil society organisations

Some 49 member and partner NGOs of 13 Human Rights Houses issue a joint letter to political leaders in Georgia.

October 3, 2018

Human Rights in Theatre: “Justice for the Dictator”

Human rights organisations in Voronezh, Russia, staged the play “Justice for the Dictator”, a performance reading of the play “The Trial of Mussolini”. Once again, they showed their creative and innovative approach to reaching out on human rights.