Association „Renesansa“ together with “Zene Zenama” and “Korak Vise”successfully finished the campaign named „Modification and addition the statutory code in getting orthopaedic expedients for women operated from breast cancer“. The campaign lasted a few months, and officially finished in the middle of March, when this bylaw was modified by the Government of Sarajevo’s Canton.



Association „Renesansa“is non-political, non-governmental and non-profitable association, established in 1999. „Renesansa“ helps women operated or cured from breast cancer, help them to cope with other life troubles that follow sickness-such as loosing self-respect, courage and similar annoyances. Renesansa`s activists define quality of life through improving medicine potentials, reforming legal regulation that relates on breast operated women, educating young population about the health care and teaching about early discover this illness. They also care about the equality, position of treated women in our society, whereby the association facilitates women to reach economic independency – mostly through work.

The vision of „Renesansa“is to create environment with a low percentage of breast cancer. They promote different ways of help and treatment helping women through work, consort and consolidation. Their motto is: „One sick person helps to another – let’s learn how to live with the sickness – life calls me again. “   


The statutory code unfairly regulated the status of women in such condition. Following that code, these women could freely get expedients once in a lifetime only. Since these expedients are liable to damages, there is a need for changing them from time to time. This campaign enabled the reformation of the code, so, women are able now to get the orthopaedic expedients cheaply.

If this issue is not solved properly, the consequences can be very high. Woman becomes depressed, resists the work, sustained from hobbies and public life. These women need a very special treatment. Renesansa and its partners has done a lot, we all should do much more.