The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina has on several occasions addressed the public and warned, the domestic institutions particularly, of unreasonable decision to privatize the Ljubija/Omarska Coal Mine before the investigating bodies have completed their job concerning the circumstantial evidence indicating that on the location of the coal mine there are bodily remnants of people who had been taken captive during the war. (26-APR-05)

The most recent information indicates that exploitation of the coal mine – that has been privatized in the meantime – might start soon. The Helsinki Committee of BHexpresses its deep concern in regard to that.

In the name of the victims who are still registered as missing, for the sake of their families and for the sake of the process of reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Committee appeals to the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia) to do everything in their power, in line with their responsibilities, to prevent that the exploitation of the Ljubija Coal Mine starts before the ICTY forensic experts and investigators have visited the site.

More information’s on this topic can be found in the document Genocide Sold: Bosnian „Corpse Mine“ at Ljubija, which is available on the web page of the Domovina Net – link: