Open call for an external evaluator

HRHF is commissioning an external evaluation of the HRH concept, supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Any individual or firm interested in undertaking this evaluation should submit a proposal by the end of 31 July 2017.

Established in 1992, the Human Rights House Foundation (“HRHF”) supports the establishment of Human Rights Houses (“HRHs” or “Houses”) – communities of human rights NGOs – and facilitates the connection of these Houses in a network of Houses, the Human Rights House Network (“HRHN”). There are currently Houses in 13 countries, all in Europe, which are home to more than 100 independent NGOs. Houses play an important role in facilitating joint initiatives by their member and partner NGOs. Along with supporting the establishment of Houses and providing ongoing financial and other support, the HRHF has invested significant resources in supporting the Houses and their member and partner NGOs in undertaking international advocacy. 

Twenty-five years on, in a different and fast changing world, do existing HRHs offer the needed response to the local needs?

The objectives of the evaluation are to assess whether the HRH concept and the different House models are fit for purpose to serve the human rights cause, including with regard to facilitating and supporting advocacy, as well as to identify recommendations to update the HRH concept and the different House models. 

The evaluator will need the following experience, skills and qualifications

  • Extensive experience in conducting evaluations and a proven record in delivering professional results.
  • Experience undertaking evaluations of complex human rights programmes.
  • Experience working in civil society and preferably in the human rights field, with strong knowledge of the human rights movement.
  • Knowledge of the human rights situation and environment for civil society in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Balkans.
  • Experience working in at least one of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Balkans is desirable.
  • Experience undertaking evaluations for European funded programmes is desirable.
  • Fluent in English and Russian (the evaluation report must be written in English). 

Any individual or firm interested in undertaking this evaluation should submit a proposal by the end of 31 July 2017 to Rupert Abbott, HRHF:

In the proposal, they should include:

  • Technical proposal, including the proposed evaluation methodology and brief workplan (no more than two (2) pages);
  • Financial proposal, including the proposed fee and breakdown (no more than one (1) page);
  • CV(s), including examples of other evaluations undertaken by the individual(s) (no more than two (2) pages each);
  • A list of at least three referees for each individual, including contact details;
  • Information on their legal form and ownership structure where applicable;
  • Confirmation of their good standing and that they are an eligible tenderer as defined in the rules and principles for procurement for projects funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (template to be sent by request); and
  • Confirmation that they are not aware of any conflict of interest that may arise in undertaking the evaluation (template to be sent by request).

For further details, please see the terms of reference



June 19, 2018

Конкурс на выкананне працы аналітыка па тэме “Правы чалавека і бізнэс”

Беларускі дом правоў чалавека імя Б. Звозскава з экспертнай падтрымкай РПГА “Беларускі Хельсінкскі Камітэт” аб’яўляе конкурс на выкананне працы аналітыка па тэме “Правы чалавека і бізнэс”.

June 19, 2018

Renew mandate of Special Rapporteur on Belarus

In a joint letter, HRHF urges delegations at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC38) to support the renewal of the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus.

June 18, 2018

HRHF statement on assembly and association #HRC38

Speaking during a dialogue on the freedoms of association and assembly, Human Rights House Foundation delivered the following statement to the UN Human Rights Council #HRC38.