The Croatian government has proposed to its Parliament that September 22nd should be the National Day to combat Violence against Women. (20-SEP-2004)

On that day, five years ago, Croatian public witnessed a tragic murder of three women in the courtroom of the Municipal Court in Zagreb. Namely, on 22nd of September 1999, Mato Oraškic, on the way to his divorce suit, brought a gun inside the courtroom and committed a triple murder.


His own wife Gordana Oraškic, her legal representative Hajra Prohic and judge Ljiljana Hvalec were all killed by his bullets. In addition, court reporter Stanka Cvetkovic was heavily injured. Mato Oraškic was subsequently sentenced to 40 years in prison.


«We instantly started this initiative after the tragedy, within the Women Network in Croatia,” said Sanja Sarnavka, women rights activist from B.a.B.e.. “Unfortunately, there was no immediate reaction from the authorities, so we were forced to wait five years for this memorial day.»


The Croatian government has also announced its intention to raise a monument in front of the Municipal Court building in Zagreb, in memory of this tragic event.