Mid-term review of project: “PEACE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS”

Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF) is seeking consultants in order to undertake a mid-term review of its project “Peace for Human Rights Defenders: Protect, Empower, Advocate, Connect and Engage.” Any individual or firm interested in undertaking this evaluation should submit a proposal by 14th April.

Full information

Full details and information related to this call can be read here.

Through the project “Human Rights Defenders: Protect, Empower, Advocate, Connect and Engage” HRHF aims to achieve Stronger and better protected human rights organisations and human rights defenders in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus.  More specifically: Human Rights Houses, their member organisations and HRDs in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus shall enjoy

  • stronger governance
  • increased cooperation
  • greater visibility and political influence on the human rights agenda
  • improved protection.

By protecting, empowering and supporting human rights organisations nationally, HRHF aims to enable them to respond to local needs for protection and promotion of human rights. And by assisting the human rights organisations building long-term strategies for joint work and securing good governance, HRHF gives them vital tools to survive in repressive environments.

The timeline of the project will be from April 2020 to June 2020. The project is budgeted with up to 20 consultant days.

The tenderer shall quote a total price for the assignment exclusive of costs for travel and related expenses. Travel and related expenses will be covered by the HRHF, in accordance with its rules and procedures on travel.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

The consultant will need the following experience, skills and qualifications:

  • Extensive experience in conducting evaluations and a proven record in delivering professional results.
  • Experience undertaking evaluations of complex human rights programmes.
  • Experience working in civil society and preferably in the human rights field, with strong knowledge of the human rights movement.
  • Knowledge of donor and civil society environment in Eastern Partnership countries.
  • Experience of working in at least one Eastern European or Caucasus countries is desirable.
  • Experience undertaking evaluations for European funded programmes is desirable.
  • Fluent in English and preferably in Russian (the evaluation report must be written in English).

Call for proposals

Any individual or firm interested in undertaking this evaluation should submit a proposal by 14th April 2020 to Birgitte Brekke.

They should include:

  • Technical proposal, including the proposed evaluation methodology and brief work plan (no more than two (2) pages);
  • Financial proposal, including the proposed fee and breakdown (no more than one (1) page);
  • CV(s), including examples of other evaluations undertaken by the individual(s) (no more than two (2) pages each);
  • A list of at least three referees for each individual, including contact details;
  • Information on their legal form and ownership structure where applicable;
  • Confirmation of their good standing and that they are an eligible tenderer as defined in the rules and principles for procurement for projects funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (template to be sent by request); and
  • Confirmation that they are not aware of any conflict of interest that may arise in undertaking the evaluation (template to be sent by request).

The HRHF will reject any proposal should it suspect any illegal or corrupt practices and may terminate any contract to undertake the evaluation should it find that illegal or corrupt practices have taken place.

For any questions, please email Birgitte Brekke.


September 22, 2020

Патрабуем неадкладнага вызвалення палітзняволенай, праваабаронцы ПЦ “Вясна” Марфы Рабковай

Супольная заява беларускай праваабарончай супольнасці.

September 18, 2020

New UN human rights investigative mechanism in Belarus must accompany political dialogue

After holding an urgent debate today to scrutinise the serious human rights violations surrounding the 9 August presidential election in Belarus, the UN took immediate action, mandating its most senior human rights official to outline a process for accountability in Belarus before the end of the year.