April 1, 2009

-Obama should highlight safety of activists in talks with Medvedev

-Russian authorities should investigate the violent attack against Lev Ponomarev, a prominent Russian human rights defender, nine international human rights organizations said today. Ponomarev, 67, was attacked and seriously injured by several unidentified assailants late on the night of March 31, 2009, outside his apartment building in Moscow.

December 19, 2008

Russian authorities react to the people’s growing discontent

As protests and demonstrations move through the Russian Federation, in reaction to the current financial crisis, the Russian authorities respond by unlawfully detaining protesters and attempting to revise current criminal procedural laws under the pretext of anti-terrorism.

December 17, 2008

NGO congress cause controversy in Russia

At Council of Europe’s third ‘Regional Congress of NGOs,’ Russian NGOs and civil society organizations from across Europe shared their good practices and most effective methods of interaction with the authorities. Some Russian NGOs stayed away from the Congress, claiming its agenda was too loyal to Russian authorities.