WUC: Protect the innocent Uyghurs massacred by China!

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) strongly condemns the decision to sentence six Uyghur men to death without fair trial. Ca. 500 more are waiting for their final sentences, more than three monthes after massacre in Urumqi where hundreds of protesters were killed.

On 5 July 2009, thousands of Uyghur students with Chinese national flags in hand expressing their disavowal of separatism, took to the streets of Urumqi, the capital of East Turkestan.

They petitioned the Chinese government to bring to justice of those murders of innocent Uyghur workers in a factory in south China´s province Guangdong.

The government instead used overwhelming force to crush the peaceful demonstration, with Chinese paramilitary forces mercilessly firing rounds indiscriminately into the crowds of demonstrators in four separate locations.

Authorities cut off electricity, telephone and internet communications within Urumqi in an attempt to hide their actions from global scrutiny. the People´s Republic of China officially claims that 197 people were killed but according to eyewitness testimony the actual number is closer to 800.

Thousands more were injured and arrested.

Under the cover of night, the Chinese paramilitary carried the bodies away to unknown locations with garbage trucks and removed all traces of the massacre. These were the same tactics used during the events in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Currently, the lives and safety of the Uyghur people in East Turkestan are under attack.

When the Chinese authorities violently crackdown on peaceful Uyghur student demonstration in the streets of Urumqi, we had strongly appealed the international community, the UN, EU, the USA and all democratic countries in the west that they should aware of the upcoming waves of arbitrary detentions of innocent Uyghurs, mass executions without fair trial, which the Chinese authorizes have promised to severely punish every single Uyghur who participated in the demonstrations during its initial stage of crackdown.

The WUC had also urged the international community to stop the Chinese regime from overwhelming repression of the defenseless Uyghurs and send a neutral fact-finding mission to East Turkestan to find out the truth behind the lies of the China´s government.

As the first sign of mass executions that the Chinese government promised well before, the People´s Republic of China has sentenced 6 Uyghurs Abdul Kerim Abdulwayit, Ghenie Yüsüp, Mettohti Abdullah, Adil Rozi, Nurali Hoshur, Alim Metyüsüf to death in an unfair quick process on 12 October 2009 in Urumqi. According to state media, there are still ca. 500 people waiting for their final sentences from the Chinese court.

The gross ignorance and inactive silence of the democratic countries in the West over this barbaric action by the People´s Republic of China can only encourage the regime to unscrupulously follow its path of violence against the helpless Uyghurs of East Turkestan.

The Uyghurs cannot do anything else than to hope that the world stops the People´s Republic of China from the bloody repression of the Uyghur people.

On behalf of the Uyghurs, a nation who has long been suffering under hard repressions by the People´s Republic of China, We strongly appeal the international community to help us to halt China’s state terror on Uyghurs, protect the innocent Uyghur people being massacred by injustice trail and to end the continued oppression.

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July 27, 2018

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July 26, 2018

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July 25, 2018

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