For the second consecutive year representatives from the Rafto House participated in marking the Liberation Day (the 8th of May) at Espeland Prison of War Camp. Through lectures in human rights for school children in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade from Ytre Arna, the people from the Rafto House gave their contribution to the Activity Day.



The Espeland Prison of War Camp was built during the Second World War in 1942 – 43, and approximately 2500 people from the Norwegian resistance was detained there. After the Second World War the Norwegian Government continued to use the Espeland Prison of War Camp, and it was used for people that had betrayed Norway as well as for some other categories of prisoners. The Espeland Prison of War Camp was closed in 1952, but the buildings are still there. The Foundation for Espeland Prison of War Camp is turning the facilities into a museum. The history of this facility and the suffering of the prisoners will be presented for visitors. The Foundation is focused especially on informing the younger generations and the Raftohouse is delighted to contribute to this objective.


The Raftohouse has developed an educational program that is based on the UN-declaration of human rights and learning through discussions and activities is focused. The 8. May lectures were held at Espeland Prison of War Camp as part of many activities to mark this important day. The representatives from the Raftohouse held several 30 minutes lectures and the focus was the UN-declaration of human rights in relation to the Liberation Day. The visitors could participate in church-services, guided tours at the museum and various lectures.