ILIA conference: Expert discussion on international human rights law

A total of 115 lawyers from five countries have participated in the third cycle of Human Rights House Network’s “International Advocacy in Law” (ILIA) program, of which 82 alumni will be awarded diplomas and certificates, and the 24 most successful graduates will participate in a concluding conference in Vilnius.

When: Friday, 26. February 2016
To: Sunday, 28. February 2016
Where: Vilnius
Contact: ( )

The conference will gather ILIA program lawyers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine to discuss implementation and application of international human rights standards and related challenges in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region.

ILIA lawyers have followed a one-year online education program on how to apply international law in their daily practice in their own countries. They have attended regional and international conferences to complement this learning, and the conference in Vilnius concludes the formal, structured part of the learning process. These lawyers will enter an active, international network of ILIA alumni lawyers. At the conference they will share knowledge and discuss opportunities for further cooperation between alumni from different countries and partner organisations from different Human Rights Houses.

On the first day of the conference, participants will be welcomed by the President of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania. They will then take part in a moot court, in which they will demonstrate their knowledge in the field of human rights and share their experience with colleagues from other countries. International experts will judge the moot court.

On the second day of the conference, international experts will discuss how to strengthen the role of the international organizations and HRHN in further professionalization of the activities directed at human rights protection both at international and national levels. National experts from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine will speak on the role of constitutional courts in the process of implementation and application of international human rights standards in their respective countries.

While participation in Vilnius is limited to those within the ILIA program, Human Rights House Network will stream presentations and discussions from the conference throughout the day at  Live broadcast of the conference will start on Sunday, February 28, from 9.15.

Participants and experts will post comments and updates under the hashtag #ILIA2016

“International Law in Advocacy” is a Human Rights House Network program to improve the professional knowledge and skills of lawyers from the CIS region in the field of human rights, and to strengthen civil society in participating countries. . The curriculum of the program has been successfully certified by the experts of the European Humanities University (EHU) and has been awarded academic credits in compliance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).. Courses focus on using the knowledge gained by students in advocacy work and in implementation in their home country. The program also fosters an active, international network of alumni lawyers. The ILIA program is sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 



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