Discrimination upon women still can be felt in BH society. After the Law on Equality of Gender in BiH was brought in 2003, women decided to take a next step and to help in implementation the Law. That is the reason why women’s NGOs gathered on 31-MAR-04 and promoted the brochure – Platform for Women`s NGO Action in BiH.


Action Platform is a summary of ideas and thinking resulting from years – long activities of women’s NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina . These ideas have been defined within the Project „Through Law to the Real Equality“, but realized through this Platform. The brochure was formed, signed and promoted by 28 women’s NGOs from the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina,  among them is Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in BiH too. The very promotion of the Platform was organized by three NGOs „Women and Society“, „Centre for Women Zar“and „United Women“.


The actual position of women in BiH is difficult. Women face with the inequality within the power structures because a small number of women in BiH are in position to participate in decision – making processes. The lack of women` participation in that field has some bad consequences, in a way that women are treated as  persons who stand and follows man, gives them support. Since women have become aware of these prejudices, they stand up for their rights.

Furthermore, politics is initiated and led by men, so, the presence of the full male domination in politics is seenable. Women in BiH want a strong and democratic society where they will be equal in all fields, a society where woman’s human rights are respected, a society of the rule of law with more opportunities for young women and young men.

This Platform should help citizens to understand status of women in BiH, women’s vision of transformative policies in BiH, role of women` NGOs in the society and their way of advocacy of the Law implementation. The Law on Gender Equality in BiH guarantees women full rights. With strong women’s initiative, hopefully, it will not be difficult to implement it.