“When a woman is slapped, she forgets that she was the cause of it.”

Scandalous statement declared by the representative of the House of Peoples in Federal Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H), Muharem Serbezovski (on right) publicly condemned by NGO sector in B&H.

By making the scandalous statement that “Balkan tradition is to beat women if they do not obey“, the delegate Muharem Serbezovski, President of the Human Rights Committee in Parliament of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has shocked and nauseated the public and NGO sector.

Non-governmental organizations in B&H most severely express their protest against the statement of the delegate Serbezovski who approves violence upon women considering it a part of the folklore of Balkan peoples.

NGO sector in B&H finds the situation outrageous and intolerable, where civic representative and president of Human Rights Committee in FB&H, publicly declares such attitude behind the parliamentary cathedra. It is also very alarming and disturbing that other delegates in the Parliament find this incident „amusing“. In addition, his colleague Zoran Budimlic compares women with disobedient and spoilt children.

Non-governmental organizations in B&H demand from the Parliament of the FB&H to most severely condemn these statements and viewpoints and demand urgent substitution of Muharem Serbezovski from the position of the president of Human Rights Committee.

Women of B&H demand from authorities to protect their right to dignity and life without violence!

The statement supported by: Human Rights House Sarajevo, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in B&H, Prava za sve Sarajevo, Association Udruzene zene from Banja Luka, and many others.

Please download the protest letter.


  • Open Letter

    Women in B&H protest against the statement of Serbezovski


April 11, 2019

Why is the Venice Commission study on NGO funding so important?

The Venice Commission expresses that “States must create an enabling environment in which associations can effectively operate and access funding, including foreign funding.” This comes in its review of standards applying to funding of NGOs within Council of Europe member states, published in March 2019.

April 10, 2019

Ukraine: Base juvenile justice reforms on international standards

Ukraine is in the process of reforming its system for juvenile justice. Advocating for these reforms to be based on international human rights standards, Mart, member of Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv, and Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR, Poland) have undertaken a joint project with the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.

April 10, 2019

Беларускі Дом правоў чалавека імя Барыса Звозскава шукае каардынатара па нарошчванні патэнцыялу

Адным з важных стратэгічных напрамкаў БДПЧ з’яўляецца садзейнічанне ўзмацненню дзейнасці і нарошчванню патэнцыялу беларускіх праваабаронцаў і арганізацый грамадзянскай супольнасці Беларусі. Для развіцця дадзенага кірунку, а таксама нарошчвання крэатыву і пазітыву, БДПЧ шукае каардынатара па нарошчванні патэнцыялу, у чые кампетэнцыі будзе ўваходзіць наступнае: Распрацоўка канцэпцыі, праграмы, пошук экспертаў і арганізацыя трэнінгаў/семінараў па нарошчванню кампетэнцый; Сумесная праца […]