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Each year, we publish an annual report of our activities and impact, together with our annual accounts.

Annual reports

Annual reports give an overview of the key impacts, joint efforts, events and activities of the Human Rights House Foundation and the network of Human Rights Houses, with a focus on the primary human rights issues that were most urgent in a particular year.

These reports are prepared by Human Rights House Foundation, in close cooperation with the network of Human Rights Houses.


Download our annual report 2017/18 (English)

Download our annual report 2017/18 (Russian)

Time and again in 2017 we saw how resilient, creative, and adaptable human rights defenders can be in the face of repression.

Our annual report shows the actions taken by Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF) and the network of Human Rights Houses. It explores how the vibrant communities and partnerships we have helped to build for decades – Human Rights Houses – showed the strength of their potential. Together, we were visible and we increased our cooperation, in advocacy, in capacity building, and in protection, setting the stage to meet the challenges we face.

Looking to the long term, we took ownership in our response to worrying trends. We reached out to new and existing partners to build coalitions, and laid the foundations for engagement in our joint case studies, reports, and events.

We hope these stories inform and enlighten, energise and increase opportunities for cooperation, and trigger debate and inspire ideas.


Annual report 2016 (English)

Annual report 2016 (Russian)


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