External evaluation 2005

Reflecting on the future of the Houses and the changing environment for human rights defenders, Human Rights House Foundation commissioned an external review process in 2005.

The resulting report was critical of the Human Rights House concept’s ability to achieve its objectives. Not only had expansion been slow, but each House fell short on at least one of the set of mutually agreed criteria. The evaluator concluded the Human Rights House concept wasn’t meeting its own standards.

Read the 2005 evaluation report.

In response to the findings of the evaluation, an effort was made to empower the Human Rights Houses, by giving them more of a say in the development of the network. With the establishment of an International Advisory Board consisting of House members in 2007, the Houses gained direct input in an advisory role to HRHF’s board, as well as input concerning the admittance of new members. (The International Advisory Board is replaced by a new mechanism in 2018).