STRONG Civil Society

STRONG Civil Society is a 3-year project (July 2020 – June 2023) implemented by Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF) that aims to strengthen the role that civil society plays in the democratisation processes in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. STRONG Civil Society is funded by the European Union.


About STRONG Civil Society

With STRONG (Sustainable, Target-group oriented, Resilient and Open NGOs with Good governance) Civil Society, HRHF sets out to strengthen the role that Human Rights Houses, member NGOs and other CSOs play in the democratisation processes in their countries.

The project aims to :

  1. Strengthen capacities of CSOs for outreach and engagement with citizens and communities; 
  2. Promote and engage in dialogue between civil society and relevant stakeholders on four fundamental rights – expression, association, assembly and the right to be a human rights defender – nationally and internationally; and 
  3. Ensure that well-governed Human Rights Houses in the countries serve as platforms/national networks for CSOs in their countries. 

Thank you to the donor of this project

The European Union