April 14, 2003

Justice in post-War Iraq

How should the responsible for human rights violations in Iraq be brought to justice after the war? In an interview with the newspaper Vårt Land, Gunnar M. Karlsen from the Norwegian Helsinki Committee argues that a special Iraq court with broad international support should be established. Read the interview in Norwegian Language (14-APR-03)

March 24, 2003

Abducted Chechen Human Rights activist released

Imran Ezhiev, who was abducted by armed men in Shali Raion on 15 March, was found near the village of Berkat-Yurt early on 19 March. Ezhiev heads a local branch of the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society and is also a coordinator in the Chechen Republic for the Moscow Helsinki Group. Read the letter from The Norwegian Helsinki Committee , 17 March, to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. (24-MAR-03)

February 26, 2003

Background: The Norwegian Human Rights House 2002

The organizations in the Norwegian Human Rights House had a number of joint projects and activities in 2002. Read about the human rights situation in Norway, a joint conference on terrorism and human rights, support to human rights defenders in the Republic of Belarus and more…
File: Background 2002. (26 February, 2003)


February 20, 2003

Recommendations to the Norwegian Government on Human Rights in 2003

15 organizations from the “Norwegian NGO Forum” has made recommendations on human rights issues which the Norwegian Government should focus on in this year´s meeting in the UN Human Rights Commission. One of the issues is the situation for civilians in Iraq in case of a war. (20 February, 2003)

February 6, 2003

Protect the rights of civilians in Iraq

The Human Rights House Foundation and several other organizations express concern for civilians in Iraq in the case of a war. They ask the Norwegian authorities to do what they can to protect the rights of refugees, internally displaced persons and other particularly vulnerable groups, if Iraq is attacked. Read more. (Norwegian language). (6 February, 2003)

December 20, 2002

Establishing Human Rights Houses

Read an interview with Ms. Maria Dahle, Executive Director of the Human Rights House Foundation, in the Norwegian Helsinki Committee´s magazine “Menneskerettighetsmagasinet MR”. Ms. Dahle answers questions about the history of the Human Rights House Network, current projects, and the idea of a Human Rights House as such. (Norwegian language) (20 December, 2002)


November 18, 2002

Christmas Calendar on Human Rights

In cooperation with the Norwegian Board of Education the Human Rights House Foundation has made a Christmas Calendar on human rights. By solving a rebus pupils can learn about human rights and win a prize. (18 November, 2002)

October 27, 2002

Report from seminar on terrorism and human rights

On March 23. the Norwegian Human Rights House organized a seminar entitled “Menneskerettigheter i klemme” on human rights after September 11. The report from the seminar is now available online in Norwegian language. Read the report (PDF) (27 September, 2002)

October 23, 2002

UN must not accept human rights violations

UN must not accept human rights violations in the war against terrorism. Many countries use the war against terrorism as an excuse to suppress people. Norwegian NGO´s urge Norway to focus on this in the UN. (Norwegian language) (23 October, 2002 )