HRC45: HRHF statement on reprisals

On 20 September 2020, Human Rights House Foundation delivered a statement at the Human Rights Council on reprisals. In the statement, HRHF highlighted the use of the Foreign Agent law to undermine independent civil society, and the climate of fear that is maintained in Russia and the external territories it occupies through a variety of state-controlled tools including the misuse of anti-extremist and anti-terrorist legislation.

HRC45 – Item 5 Interactive Dialogue with the Assistant Secretary-General – Reprisals

HRHF Oral statement

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The Secretary-General’s report highlights Russia’s “Foreign Agent Law”. It should come as no surprise that the Foreign Agent Law is used to undermine independent civil society in Russia. As well as its direct application in dissolving organisations, it also stigmatises civil society for cooperation at an international level.

Alongside the Foreign Agent Law,  a climate of fear is maintained through a variety of state-controlled tools in Russia, and the external territories it occupies, including the misuse of anti-extremist and anti-terrorist legislation.

We have documented cases of self-censorship by Russian civil society organisations at the United Nations. Russian human rights defenders in some contexts argue against any international attention on their issues or organisations – fearing retaliation.

Others, for instance, have been concerned about repercussions if they spoke at a Human Rights Council side event and have decided not to do so. This is a particular concern given that Russia is a candidate for membership of the Council next year.

Madam President.

We ask the Assistant Secretary-General whether she agrees that a state’s record on addressing reprisals should be an essential element in assessing candidates for Human Rights Council membership? Will she further encourage the General Assembly to incorporate this element into their consideration on electing new HRC Members?


March 29, 2021

House-to-House 2021: Call for applications

Human Rights House Foundation announces a call for applications to House-to-House Project Fund 2021. HRHF welcomes all Human Rights Houses, their member organisations as well as organisations and actors from outside of the network to apply for funding.

March 26, 2021

Council of Europe must issue recommendation to member states to combat SLAPPs

HRHF joins over 100 international organisations calling on the Council of Europe (CoE) to act on the growing threat of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs).

March 25, 2021

HRC46: Civil society presents key takeaways from Human Rights Council

HRHF joins 17 organisations led by ISHR in a joint statement at the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council sharing reflections on the key outcomes the Council session, as well as the missed opportunities to address key issues and situations including pushbacks and other human rights violations faced by migrants and refugees, and the human rights situations in several countries.