Global Forum on Freedom of Expression

The Global Forum is a week-long event consisting of membership meetings, open conference sessions and festival events, all dedicated to exploring and celebrating free expression.

When: Monday, 1. June 2009
To: Saturday, 6. June 2009
Where: Oslo, House of Literature in Oslo, Norway
Contact: Christopher Wilson ( / +47 2301 4696)
More info:

Who: Activists, writers, artists, filmmakers, academics, thinkers, lawyers, researchers, musicians and journalists, interacting with global networks and the some of the worlds most active organisations on free expression and human rights.

What: Membership meetings, seminars, concerts, training sessions, exhibitions, keynote lectures, networking and ceremonies.

The programme begins with 2 days of organisational meetings for international network organisations and the opening of exhibitions, followed by three days of conference, training and networking sessions, and concluding with a day of public engagement in Oslo’s city center.  Throughout the week, free expression issues will be highlighted through cultural exhibitions and performances, a film festival and various engagements.

A unique and cross-cutting partnership:

Forum participants will convene from across a diversity of sectors, regions and professions, creating a unique opportunity to dialogue and build networks across a variety of levels. This is also true of our partner institutions, ranging from NGO’s and publications, to academic institutions and libraries, to theatres and museums.



December 1, 2020

Патрабуем неадкладнага вызвалення палітвязня Яна Салановіча

У суме Яну прысуджана 86 сутак адміністрацыйнага арышту, 27 з якіх ён знаходзіцца ў ЦІП. Ёсць асцярогі, што Ян можа быць падвергнуты арышту на яшчэ большыя тэрміны.

December 1, 2020

#StopSLAPPs: Coalition calls on EU to take action against gag lawsuits targeting watchdogs.

Human Rights House Foundation is among 60 organisations jointly calling for the EU to take action against SLAPPs – the gag lawsuits silencing journalists, activists and human rights defenders across Europe. The coalition of organisations today endorses the Model EU Anti-SLAPP Directive ahead of the European Commission’s launch of its European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP).

November 30, 2020

Патрабуем неадкладнага вызвалення палітвязня Максіма Паўлюшчыка

Напісанне на асфальце надпісу “Не забудзем” не з’яўляецца хуліганствам.