Liudmila Ulyashyna

Human Rights Officer
Languages: English, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, German, Norwegian
Responsibilities: Human rights education, Human rights lawyers, International law in advocacy

Through International Law in Advocacy (ILIA), I help to prepare the new generation of human rights advocates to address the human rights challenges they face.

Liudmila was among the initiators of ILIA, a human rights education project and platform aimed at empowering human rights advocates with education in international standards of human rights law, and with support through links to the Human Rights Houses.

Through ILIA’s focus on international human rights instruments, she opens possibilities to those who are eager to see the implementation of human rights standards in their own country.

Liudmila has prepared several projects and courses on the national implementation of human rights treaties, combining her practical experience as a lawyer with her academic research. Luidmila has worked at HRHF since 2007, and alongside her work with ILIA, she has also been an advisor and key expert within the “Electronic Human Rights Education for lawyers” (EHREL) and “Bring International Standards Home” (BISH) projects.

Liudmila is the author of several books and numerous articles in the field of human rights law, human rights education, and the role of human rights lawyers. Before joining HRHF, she worked as a lawyer in Belarus and studied human rights law in Germany (Magister Legum) and in Norway (LLM). She defended her PhD in Lithuania.